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college idiots!

Ok so I got this notice in the mail yesterday that said I had to get my grade from my professors to my counselor by october 28th. Now that is in 2 days, so don’t you think they would send the notice to me a little earlier? These idiots ar crazy because what happens if I wasn’t able to? Are they going to deny me school or something? This just creates more unnecessary drama in my life that I don’t need! Jeez!!!!


College Time!

So now I am on my way to school ugh. I go to community college and live home right now. It wasn’t because I couldn’t hack it being away, it is because there was an overload of DRAMA! I don’t get it, its like drama follows me wherever I go…even to school. There hasn’t been that much drama at wcc though which is good. There has been a little that it kinda feels boring now. Anyways that’s all I have to post for now!