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How can someone respect you if you don’t respect yourself? so many people today are letting others dictate their lives just because of this one word. I have two names for those dictators, users and abusers. They try to make the person feel small and fragile just so they can have complete control over the other. I see this everywhere I turn, but mostly in the younger generation.  If you let yourself be controlled by someone who says they respect you, you need to look up the definition of respect. It kills me when I hear about young girls who are in relationships with people who do not really respect them. They don’t really know what respect looks like, so how could they possibly learn to respect themselves? It’s so saddening because these people are the future leaders of our society.

I believe that they should have a course in public schools that teaches these kids to learn self respect. Not just the girls though, everyone. Respect is one of those things in life that has to be earned and self respect is no different. You have to prove it to yourself that you deserve the respect that you are giving yourself, which if you ask me is the hardest part. Until then no one in your life can truly respect you the way you deserve. You have to believe that it all starts from within and then you can learn to start loving yourself. The result is truly magical.


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