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Looking Back

I love looking back at old photos and remembering the childhood I had. I used to say that I was such a weird little kid, but the truth is that I was adorable and always laughing and smiling. I was going through a box at my dad’s house that had a lot of old photos of us and we were laughing for hours. I came across photos of him as a kid and I couldn’t get over how adorable he was. We were looking at his kindergarten photo, a team photo from when he played baseball and a lot of baby pictures. I also saw a beautiful photo of my grandmother. I never realized how gorgeous she was before. The best part about pictures is that we will have those moments saved forever. Something else my dad and I thought was funny was that all the pictures we were in were close ups. He doesn’t have many of them with my sister, but like every picture of us is like that. Anyways we had a great time going through them and I just thought I’d share!


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