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Archive for February, 2012


So I’m watching this new show called mobbed and I think it’s really cool. I love flashmobs and I think to do it with a purpose is even more amazing. I’m watching the one where they are trying to unite father and son and where they try to flip it. I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but I hope it’s great. It’s so spontaneous and crazy to do stuff like this and I wish I was brave enough to do it. It looks like so much fun! I think it would be a blast to be on this show, even if I was just in the flashmob. But it’s so crazy, and I love Howie Mandel for doing stuff like this. It’s so out there! If I was going to make a video to send in, I have no clue what it would be. I just love this show though, it’s amazing and you all should watch it!!!!


What do I want to do with my life?

This question has been haunting me for the past few weeks. I’ve been working at my dad’s pharmacy for a while and I haven’t even made a dent in the college education. I love my dad’s pharmacy, I really can’t picture not working there. I now know most of the customers and I’m really feeling the community of it all. I love all the older customers because they are just so cute! They also love when you know who they are and when you are interested in their life. A lot of them don’t have much to do, so it’s understandable. I also love the younger customers becausse I can relate to them easily, also if they have little kids, they are usually pretty cute. I know I want to help people, but I’m not quite sure how I want to help. I could do something with medical something like working with insurance companies or getting a higher job at the pharmacy. The only problem that stands between me and all this is College. I don’t I’m just formulating a theory!

Valentines day #1 hater

I’ve always hated valentines day. I mean when you are in elementary school it’s fun because everyone in your class has to get a valentine, but then it’s just downhill from there. I don’t see it as a real holiday i see it as Hershey and hallmark trying to con everyone so they can make a buck. It might have been a real holiday years ago but the companies have ruined it for everyone. I really just don’t believe nor like valentines day.