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Archive for January, 2012

Snow days

Ok so I guess when your a kid you love snow. You live it because everyone else does and when it snows a lot you get a day off of school. I mean I used to love snow, but I now hate the cold weather and snow. I wish I was in California right now where it is warm and beautiful. I am now stuck in my house because I don’t want to go out in this darn snow. I love the fall, spring and summer. Winter is the only season I really don’t like. Anyways that’s all I really have to say about it.


What’s the worst that could happen?

You know when you do something that no one thinks is right and you don’t even know if it’s right or not, but you do it anyway. And then you say to yourself, what’s the worst that could happen, and then you end up finding out what it is. I always think that no matter what I do and this time it came out differently. I wanted to meet this guy who works in the same town that I do and I never thought to ask him what he does. He decided to come visit me at work yesterday and it turns out he’s a cop! It was kinda weird at first, but then I found it kinda cool. He was also really good looking, but the point of this post is that when he asked if he could come visit me, it was one of those times that I said to myself, what’s the worst that could happen? Honestly nothing bad happened and we’ve been texting and stuff and I really like him. I thought that my dad would freak since he is my boss, but he didn’t. He just got upset because I was supposed to be working. That’s really the worst that happened.