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Bring on 2012

So it’s new years eve and I’m excited for the new year. I feel really good about 2012 and I want to make it the best year ever! I want to start my education for pharmacy technician and work more and more on establishing who I am. I keep wanting to grow more into my own person and I’ve been trying really hard. Hopefully 2012 will be more productive than 2011 even though 2011 was a good year. But I don’t want just a good year, I want an amazing year. And that’s what 2012 is going to be an amazing year!


Like the butterfly I too will awaken in my own time

“Like the butterfly I too will awaken in my own time” I love this quote because I really relate to it. I am starting to transform into my own person right now and I feel that this is who I am meant to be. My life is drama free right now and I’m loving myself and the way I look and stuff. Life is hard and I feel bad for young girls these days because it’s getting worse. The image on tv and in magazines is distorted from reality and is impossible to live up to, don’t try to. Learn how to be your own person and life will be worth living, trust me I know. And learning how to do this at an early age. Don’t waste half your life being someone your not because then when it’s time to be you, you will be lost. As you get older, your friends will know when you are being fake and when you are being authentic and you may not be able to tell the difference by then. Just really find who you are and embrace it because you are beautiful.