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Halloween 2011

Halloween is my favorite day out of the whole year besides my birthday. This year I am going to a halloween party with friends and I am going to be a cheerio. I don’t know if I should be brittany or santana, or maybe even a mixture of both. I’m soo excited because I got the costume really early just in case they all sold out. A lot of people I think are going to be cheerios this year. I’m really excited and I know it’s going to be so much fun. I just love the whole concept of halloween, it’s like you get to be someone else and dress like them and act like them the whole time. It’s kind of like being able to walk in their shoes. I also find that extremely cool. I feel like it’s going to be the best halloween ever, even though last year’s halloween is pretty hard to beat. So I don’t know maybe it will be just as good as last years. That’s everything for now bloggers!


The Real World

I know I say that I am tired of the drama, which I am in my own life, but the show The Real World is the best thing ever. It’s definitely my guilty pleasure because I’ve watched so many seasons. I love watching all that drama unfold and I don’t know why. I am even watching the new season right now. It’s funny, my favorite character so far would have to be two people. My male favorite is Nate and my girl favorite is Ashley. I like sam too because he is not afraid to be and say who he is, it’s awesome! And like he said, “grls know what girls want.” That’s all I really have to say about it so bye bloggers!

The Glee Project

Alright bloggers, I know I posted earlier today that I wasn’t sure about auditioning for the glee project, but I did it. I posted my online video audition and now all I can do is wait. Like I said, I doubt that I’m going to get on the show. I didn’t even sound that good in the song. The answers to the questions I gave were pretty good though. All that matters is that I tried my best I guess. I’m going to be so worried about it thouggh because I am such an impatient person. I just keep dreaming about standing on the glee set next to Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer and Heather Morris. It would be the coolest thing to ever happen to me.  Honestly I hope it happens, but it probably wont so I am prepared to be disappointed. Anyways thats all for now.

Music Is My Life

I love music, it helps me define who I am. I love finding new artists and new songs that make me feel like I connect with them and I get what they are saying. I also love to sing and I always look up lyrics to songs that I want to sing. I don’t really know if I have that good of a voice though because no one has ever told me how good and/or bad it is. When I was younger I took voice lessons and my teacher told me that I did have a good voice. That was a while ago…so I don’t know if it changed. I also have more of a lower singing voice, I cannot hit the higher notes no matter how hard I try. I was thinking about doing an online audition for the Glee Project, but I don’t know if I should. Like I’ve been telling people I’m just going to do it for fun, but I know if I don’t get on the sh0w I’m going to be a little crushed. Music is definitely a big part of my life and it helps me cope with whatever is going on with me. There are so many different types of music that it really is for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, we are all connected by the music.