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Archive for March, 2011

My Heros

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about who my heros are and honetly I have four of them. The first one is my mom because she is so nice and thoughtful. She also puts up with a lot of stuff with our family and I really hope that one day I have heart like hers. My second one is my dad, he also has a really good heart and he likes helping people. He is a pharmacist and helps people get the medicine that they need. If he doesn’t have it in his store then he orders it just for them. My third is my sister. She is a really cool person, she loves her family and friends with her whole heart. She is also really good at a lot of things like her job, and singing, and making people smile. I guess my family is just a very big hearted family! My fourth hero is actually not in my family and I don’t know her personally. It’s Lea Michele from the hit TV show Glee. She has a very powerful voice and is sharing it with everyone. She also seems like a very sweet person and has such a personality! These four people really make me want to be a better person and be more like them. I feel like if I put the four of them together and get one person, that person would be like the greatest citizen ever! LOL!


Let’s have the time of our lives!

So I went to this party at my friend’s house last night. It was so much fun and my friend Max drew a portrait of me. It was so cool since he is an amazing artist and it looked amazing! I couldn’t get over it, I was actually speechless. I met a lot of new people there who were also really cool. I was so nervous before I went and once I got there I was completely fine. Everyone was so nice and accepting that I loved every minute of the party. We listened to music and ate the amazing food that Robin made and laughed and talked. It was truly amazing and I had a great time. Today I have Lounge and maybe I will write about it later! Bye bloggers!