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Blast From The Past

So I ran into someone I haven’t seen since middle school and it was really weird, but really nice at the same time. I went to a private school and that’s why I haven’t seen her in so long. Anyways we talked for a really long time last night all about what we are doing now and stuff. We also talked a lot about the past and things we remembered about each other which was also nice. I didn’t expect to see her and that’s why it was so weird at first, but then when we started talking it was like no time had passed between us. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed her over the years and hopefully we can start a new and improved friendship. It just shows you that people may not be as evil as you might think. I mean we are older now and the middle school days are over, why can’t we all be friends? It’s just weird since I really haven’t spoken to anyone from that high school in like six years. Except for one person who I kept in touch with for a while, but then eventually that faded out too, which if you think about it is kind of sad. But I guess this is how things happen in life. Some people are supposed to be in your life forever, but others are only their to make an appearance, so don’t feel bad if the friends that you have now aren’t there for you in a couple of years.