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Ugh…I hate holiday season. It can either make you feel really good and in the holiday spirit, or it can make you feel really shitty. Well this year I feel really shitty, I’m just not really into the whole holiday spirit thing this year. And plus I’m Jewish so Christmas isn’t really a big holiday for me anyways. Like yea we have hannukah, but it already past. The best part about the holidays whether or not you like them, is the food. It smells delicious and tastes even better. I hate decorating the house I mean yea it is pretty, but we are just going to take it down like the next day. I mean holidays can be nice I guess, but to me they are just a big pain in the ass.


The O.C. Life

So, I have been having the O.C. the first season marathon for the past three days. I forgot how much drama was in this show. I also forgot that like everyone in the O.C. is beautiful haha. I cannot believe how skinny Mischa Barton is, she’s skinnier than a twig. I do love Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson though, I think they are so cute together. Well so far they aren’t techinically together…Seth is with Anna, but he will soon be with summer. I can’t wait for them to finally get together though. I know this is like a fictionally show, but I would never live in a place like that…especially as a teenager. My favorite character is Summer though, she is so cute and funny and pretty. I wish I was as pretty as Rachel Bilson, and I wish I had her figure. I am so tired of Julie Cooper though, the character just annoys me since she dislikes Ryan. Hopefully Julie and Ryan will form an alliance against Oliver though because he is totally insane. I mean this show is so screwed up, I just cannot stop watching. It’s like a trainwreck, it’s so sad, but you just can’t turn away. I know that might sound like a terrible thing to say, but it’s true. I would never want to live this life though, it might be fun at first, but then you get into all the drama and everything goes south. Anyways that’s all I gotta say for now!!!!