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Musical Life

So I am listening to the glee music and I started to think how cool it would be if life was like this show. Just breaking out into song whenever we want because that’s how it would work. That sounds awesome to me, probably because I love to sing. I would probably be like Lea Michelle’s character on glee lol. Thinking I’m the greatest singer of all time even though I’m really not. That’s the only difference between me and Lea Michelle. She is an awesome singer and I can sing….but not awesomely. Anyways I was watching MTV this morning and what is their obsession with girls who are 16 and pregnant? I don’t get it like that show has soooo many seasons I mean where do they find all these pregnant teens? These girls are probably getting paid a lot to do this, so it’s kind of sending the wrong message. Now if a teenager gets pregnant they will get paid a lot of money and get to be on TV?  That is not the truth people. Getting pregnant and having a baby is really hard on people and their families, so do not be fooled by this idiotic show. Anyways I just feel like it’s a stupid message to be sending to young girls. Maybe that’s why more teens are having babies, someone should do a survey or study on that. I mean young people are not that smart and when they see everything going okay for one girl who’s on MTV then they think that it would be okay if they got pregnant too. Then they end up not using condoms and actually getting pregnant. Then guess what happens. Everything is not okay and they are left with a baby that they cannot take care of because they are too young. It really pisses me off, but there is nothing I can really do about it though. Whatever that’s all I have to say on this post.


Just Another Day

So today is going to be so boring. I only have one class and then maybe I will go and hangout with my friends, but besides that there is nothing going on. I mean I don’t even have therapy today Jeez. Tomorrow is going to be just as boring though because there is no drama club. Hopefully there will be something interesting going on with my friends that will entertain me. I mean yesterday was a lot of fun when I went and hung out with them. We talked about the Jersey Shore and stuff like that. It was very entertaining. I mean I know this blog is called tired of the drama, but when there is absolutely no drama going on….I crave it. I think all people do and that’s just the way of life. The best type of drama is the type where you are not involved and you can just sit back and watch. It makes everything so much more fun on a boring day. I love watching it happen because then I can evaluate what everyone did wrong in the situation. Then later if I get in a similar situation I know what not to do. It’s all very scientific and there should be an equation for what I am talking about.  Anyways I gotta go I’m gonna go bore myself to death.

School Plays

So I went to see my school’s play yesterday and it was pretty good. I went by myself though, which is kind of pathetic and sad. I did go out with people after though with the cast and my friend who was working behind the scenes. That was a lot of fun and we went to the cheesecake factory. I didn’t have anything because we got there late and because I am on a diet right now. I mean we got there at like 10:30 and I was getting picked up at 11:15 so I wouldn’t have enough time to eat anything anyways. Well this is a really short post because now I just decided to go to the gym. Bye Bloggers!!!

People who are stupid

I hate when people talk behind other people’s backs. It’s so stupid because you know they are going to find out you said whatever you said…so why do you do it? Um because you’re stupid! I mean I know this girl who talks to my friends and says really mean stuff about me behind my back. I know it’s her because my friends who she told, told me it was and what she said. Now honestly I could care less what this girl says about me, I just don’t like that she is trying to influence my friends not to be friends with me. It’s kind of pathetic and sad, doesn’t she have anything better to do with her time then make up lies about me? I also hate that she doesn’t say it to my face. I mean woman up and say it to me. Or why not just stop saying mean things about me? Because she is stupid that’s why. Anyways even though she is trying to influence my friends…it’s not working. They believe me and not her obviously because they have known me longer and like me better than her. It’s just she’s annoying I guess. I have never said anything bad about her so I don’t know why I’m her target. Anyways that’s all I have to post for now. Bye.