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Most Amazing Night Ever!!!!

So last night I had the most amaizng night. I went to my cousins Halloween party and met Greg Raposo. If you don’t know who he is then you are definitely a loser. He was in the boy band dreamstreet and only has the best voice ever!!!! Anyways like I said I got to meet him last night!!! I was sooo excited LOL I had been waiting eight years for that night. I got some pictures with him that my cousin took and I will post them when I get them. Right now I am watching a halloween movie waiting for the trick or treaters to come. I mean it’s still early for them to start coming, but hopefully the little ones will be coming soon. I am so tired from all the excitement last night. Best night ever!! I cannot wait until tomorrow…I am meeting with this guy I really like and I am just kinda excited about it. Anyways that’s all I really have to say right now. Bye!



So tomorrow is halloween and I am really excited. I am going to my cousins halloween party tonight and it should be a lot of fun. I don’t know that many people that are going to be there so I am a little worried. Then tomorrow I am going to be handing out candy to all the trick or treaters. So its basically a drama free weekend which I am very happy about. Anyways that’s it for now maybe I will post later!

college idiots!

Ok so I got this notice in the mail yesterday that said I had to get my grade from my professors to my counselor by october 28th. Now that is in 2 days, so don’t you think they would send the notice to me a little earlier? These idiots ar crazy because what happens if I wasn’t able to? Are they going to deny me school or something? This just creates more unnecessary drama in my life that I don’t need! Jeez!!!!

College Time!

So now I am on my way to school ugh. I go to community college and live home right now. It wasn’t because I couldn’t hack it being away, it is because there was an overload of DRAMA! I don’t get it, its like drama follows me wherever I go…even to school. There hasn’t been that much drama at wcc though which is good. There has been a little that it kinda feels boring now. Anyways that’s all I have to post for now!

Gym Drama

So I am at the gym minding my own business and this guy I really don’t want to see walks in. I am so not in the mood to talk to him or see him, so obviously I get pissed. I want to leave so he doesn’t see me, but I still want to work out on the treadmill. I mean I just really hope he doesn’t mess with me because I am not in the mood to begin with. So what happens you ask? Of course he comes over to push my buttons. I try ignoring him, but he is so annoying! Finally I just yelled at him to leave me alone and he did. Thank god! Why does this shit always happen to me?

What the heck did I do? (part 2)

So I have been home for almost two hours bloggers and my mom won’t talk to me as well as look at me. Her best friend from when she was a child is here and I know that she is wrapped up in that, but at least look at me. right? I know I am not the world’s best daughter and everything, but don’t I at least deserve a look? I admitted in my last post that I was wrong and my mom was right about the whole going out issue and even though I know she doesn’t read this, I am very sad since she won’t look at me. Like I’m such a disgrace to her that she can’t bear to look at me. Maybe that’s not the case and it’s just all in my head, but I can totally feel the tension when I walk into the kitchen. Like one minute she will be laughing with her friend and then I walk in and everything goes quiet. I could feel her not looking at me and it’s an awkward feeling. My mom has always been there for me and I know me disobeying her is going to change things, but I don’t know how much. I don’t want things to change at all in our relationship, she was and still is my number one. I also feel weird crying about it since this whole thing wasn’t her fault and I feel like crying about it would put the blame on her. Also if I am going to cry about it, I would do it in my room with the door closed and lights off so no one could see. I just feel really bad and ashamed and just sorry.

What the heck did I do?

Hey everyone, my name is Eliza and this is my blog. It’s going to be about all the drama that is going on in my life. Like right now I basically screwed myself over and got into a big thing with my mom. She is my best friend and I don’t know how I am going to fix this. She didn’t want me going out tonight because she didn’t like the people I was going out with, but I did it anyways. I am tired of always staying home on the weekends and I just want to be normal. I was so angry with her though that I completely trashed my room. The real reason I feel bad though is because my mom had a point about the people I was hanging out with. She was right and now I don’t know what to do to make our relationship better. All I can say is what the heck did I do?